I’m a Video Editor, Lighting Camera Operator and Filmmaker with a decade of experience. Based in south-west London I have a studio next to South Wimbledon open for attended edits, production meets and more. I’ve worked on a variety of different genres from branded content, documentaries, live events, music-based projects, online content, social media videos and commercials. 


I’m have worked on a range of genres from documentaries, promos, music videos, commercials and corporate productions, along with live broadcasts for news and sport. I’m experienced and adaptable and can fit into any production seamlessly. I’ve travelled the globe shooting for a range of clients from San Francisco to Japan and whether it is in the Scottish highlands or a London studio, I’m at home in all environments. I come with a range of kit which you can find on my equipment page alternatively, I have a number of discounted deals in which I can use to hire various kit from hire houses to find you the best deal.


Over the last decade I’ve become a well established freelance editor. I’ve worked with clients big and small to tell their story and bring their vision to life. Over the years I’ve honed my craft, working on speed and developing a keen eye for detail whilst becoming efficient and organised in all edits. In essence a hardworking creative with an innate understanding of story crafting. 

However, not all edits are created equal and whilst some are purely creative others have technical boundaries which need to be worked out. I’m not only a massive nerd when it comes to the tech side ( I could speak for hours about codecs and bitrates.) but love to push myself and others creatively to create new fresh interesting ideas that audiences love. Combining both to create great content.

Other Post Production Services

Video Editing is just one step in post production, I also offer other services such as:

– Technical support on workflows and edits.

– Data wrangling (DIT) which includes ingesting, media file encoding, checking over footage and syncing live on set.

– Online Video Editing, assembling the grade, sound and checking all versions, texts and legal’s are compliant before delivering your final master file(s).

NLE’S & Post Production Assets

I have training on a range of NLE’s and softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, Da Vinci Resolve & FCP X. I also have competent motion graphics skills and can make various animations to be used in your edit. Additionally, I can also provide stock music, stock footage and subtitles through my various subscriptions.

Remote & Attended Edits

If you’re looking to sit in on the edit, or just the finishing stages, I can offer space in my edit suite (located in South Wimbledon) in which tea, coffee and a good biscuit are available whilst we breathe life into your story.

Alternatively, we are wired into the fastest fibre broadband available to download and upload all files and rushes as quickly as possible making remote working a breeze and bring no interruption to your edit.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid 19 I’m currently not offering attended edits.

What others are saying?

Don’t want to take my word for it? I’m happy to provide references! I’ve been featured in various articles such as this one. Had my identity stolen as a video editor on LinkedIn by YouTubers here and have managed to consistently work freelance for the last decade as an editor. I must be alright!

What I Bring

I come with a variety of kit tailored for production and post production as well as the option to hire in additional extras from trusted sources and hire houses. Check out the equipment page for a breakdown on what I can provide.

What else is there to say?

Any questions, I’d love to chat over a coffee or zoom! Please get in touch.

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